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ATIF: Viva Rote Flora!

ATIF atiflogo | 09-01-2014 | Viva Rote Flora , the anti-fascist, left and autonomous cultural center Rote Flora has been a thorn in the real estate and finance of Hamburg. The Rote Flora is off because it does not fit the world’s ongoing transformation of the urban metropolis companies for maximum consumption and extra profit and thus prevents the upper middle-class standards of urban and regional politics enormous. But simply because they called „modern cityscape“ and the racist fascist sentiments of the Hamburg police does not fit as defiant and alternative project.

Therefore, these gentlemen of capital in Hamburg want to destroy and abolish the autonomous Rote Flora and occupied Esso houses. Instead of an independent Rote Flora they want to stomp new profitable capitalist projects off the ground, the sling out the real estate speculative gains and rents in the Sternschanze priceless level. The current reactionary and fascist law in Hamburg, the police allowed by their questionable discretion, to explain some districts as „danger area“ is neither legitimate nor inconsistent with local German Basic Law. But when it comes to the repression against migrants, left, revolutionaries, anti-fascists, socialists and communists, was and is the German state always preceded with „special justice“. This time is no different.

The districts of St. Pauli, Altona and Schanze quarter were declared as „danger area“ and thus the basic human rights set by „special courts“ overridden by the great sympathy and mass participation in the demonstrations of solidarity was recorded. This new repressive regime as a „special right“ for the police, is a modern expression of the human rights-defying basic setting of the capitalist economic activity and the organization of the state. Nevertheless, but tens of thousands of people in Hamburg reject this hypocritical policy of cronyism, nepotism and outright exploitation / plundering any resources.

We as one of the oldest Federation of Workers from Turkey in Germany, calling for an immediate halt to the harassment and attacks on Rote Flora and other occupied houses in Hamburg. We ask the SPD, which carries a high level for years complicity in this harassment against Rote Flora, an immediate end to this injustice and disproportionate security policy against dissidents, other survivors and other active people in Hamburg.

We support the demands of the people, the Rote Flora and similar centers autonomous want to make anti-fascist, anti-racist and creative. We say again explicitly „who sows the wind reaps a violent storm.“ This bitter experience had to do recently, the fascist AKP in Turkey.

The real emancipation for all wage earners, dissidents and progressive people can only be won by „more courage for freedom.“ This positive trend was apparent in the recent past in many Arab countries, Brazil, Greece and Turkey.

Therefore, we demand:

Freedom for projects such as „Rote Flora“ and „Esso house“ in Hamburg and elsewhere!

Affordable and Social Housing offers instead of priceless and capitalist mega projects!

Unrestricted work and residence rights for all refugees and migrants!

The abolition of „danger zones“! Away with the police exceptions!

Everywhere Rote Flora, everywhere resistance!

Long live international solidarity!

ATIF – Federation of Workers from Turkey in Germany