ITIF – Federation of Workers from Turkey in Switzerland

Brief introduction of the position, aims and the history of ITIF

The Federation of Workers from Turkey in Switzerland (ITIF) is an association which participates actively in the activities in Switzerland. ITIF was formed to become a central and strong institution through its committee and association.

ITIF is a democratic association which was formed in 1991 by the immigrants from Turkey, specifically for the purpose to defend the democratic and economic rights of immigrants from Turkey. Since its foundation, ITIF participated actively in the diverse activities and will continue to collaborate in the future.

ITIF did not limit itself with only the defence of the democratic and economic rights, it also actively fought for anti-fascism and anti-imperialism.

Against the imperialist attacks, ITIF developed the propaganda agitator to support and inform the population against the imperialist attacks so that the workers can fight in full knowledge of the facts. Therefore, ITIF made a big impact on the masses.

Furthermore, ITIF repeatedly organized with other democratic organizations, and took place in the activities concerning the immigration issues. These activities included seminars and panel discussions, which aimed to educate and inform the migrants regarding the issues which affect them as migrants.

The new law for foreigners and on the asylum seekers was voted by a referendum and it was accepted by 68 % of the population. In spite of the fact that these laws were repeatedly changed in history of Switzerland, the imperialists questioned the 1931 foreigners’ law to adopt new laws. ITIF fought against these laws rigorously by organising campaigns, publishing bulletins, by signature campaigns, and etc…

Our FEDERATION does not only deal with the problems and the questions of the immigrants from Turkey but it also it considers the activities concerning all the immigrants of the Swiss Confederacy.

Our Federation also fights with all its strength for the rights of the foreigners living in Switzerland; so that they can have the right speak and make decision on the executive power.

In terms of adopting the new laws, we persist that anyone who lives in this country and are tax payers should be equally treated as a citizen in terms of political participation as well, regardless of being a native or a migrant.

Our Federation fights and protests against the racial and wage discrimination, so that unemployed people can have a stable job, a fair salary as well as a possibility of having a vocational training and learning.

Our Federation argues that there should be equality in terms of education and training for the migrants, and the immigrants should benefit from these as much as the native citizens. Furthermore, our federation takes into account one of the major problems of foreigners which is the learning the language and for this matter ITIF fights with the social institutions to abolish the fees for learning the native language and make free and equal for all.

Our federation, fights for the preservation and improvement of the international laws for refugees. Therefore, our pressure groups closely practically monitor these laws and the struggle to develop them. Our Federation leads a fight not only against the disparities, but furthermore, it defends the women who are victims of violence. Furthermore, ITIF advocates the equality of sexes in all its activities, whether it is in domains social or humanitarian.

In the federal organizations there are policies for the integration of women within their committees. Furthermore, these organizations give specialized cultural and social training courses.

So, our federation collaborate with other women’s and feminist organisations to create relationship between organisations and try to create the ground for a joint struggle.

ITIF is against any kind of torture.
ITIF is for the freedom and the equality of individuals and fights for the freedom of the political views.
ITIF advocates the freedom of religion and fight against the religious discrimination.
ITIF works to fight against drug abuse and fights to decrease criminal tendencies within youth.
ITIF works to acknowledge, organise and raise consciousness within youth.
ITIF is against all the occupations.
ITIF advocates environmental protection and fights against nuclear tests.
ITIF respects the culture of all peoples, and works for the unity of diverse cultures.
ITIF is open to work with and to participate in the activities of all the other institutions and the democratic organizations as long as they can provide a safe, secure and equal contribution.

It is certainly for these reasons that ITIF has the centralization and the attachment of a great majority of the immigrants in Switzerland.

Taking all experiences in account, ITIF will continue to fight against injustice, imperialism and inequality. ITIF will continue to work to strengthen itself so that it can be stronger against the imperialist attacks, and will strengthen the social coalition to fight for the rights of immigrants as well as social and humanitarian rights of all people.