Federation of Workers from Turkey in Germany

ATIF is one of the oldest Federations in Europe. Since its establishment 24 years ago, ATIF has earned a good reputation through its hard work. The workers from Turkey were organised within ATOF (Federation of Students from Turkey in Germany) before the need was raised to establish ATIF. After a long struggle shoulder to shoulder with the students it became a necessity to form the ATIF. With the establishment of ATIF it became easier to reach and successfully communicate with other workers from Turkey who live outside Germany. In another sense ATIF played a pioneering role in the establishment of the other federations inside and outside Germany. In 1986 ATIF played a leading role in the establishment of ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe). ATIF, as a strong and effective member of the European Confederation of Workers From Turkey (ATIK), continues its hard work within the democratic principles. ATIF is a mass organisation and there are 13 associations and many committees affiliated to it. ATIF coordinates the activities of the member organisations and committees. ATIF fights for the refugee workers rights in Germany. It has organised numerous activities and events to advance the refugee workers rights.


ATIF’s aims and objectives are part of the objectives of ATIK. These are to achieve the academic and democratic rights of the refugee workers in Germany. Although these are the basic objectives, ATIF does not close its eyes to other issues that affect the refugee workers. For example it is very active on issues concerning Human Right abuses, prison conditions, disappearances under police cusduty, and the persecution of Kurdish people in Turkey. ATIF is an ardent supporter of Human Rights, the improvement of prison conditions and put up a strong resistance against the persimmon above. And it has been very successful on this front. ATIF has stood up and expressed its opinion on the developments outside of Germany as well.

For example; ATIF, regarding the Gulf war as an unjust war and fights for the lifting of sanctions on Iraq, which is killing thousands of innocent people in that country. ATIF has protested against the break up of Yugoslavia and the unjust Cosova war. It has raised its voice against the nuclear testing and expressed its concerns about the political development in Caucasus. ATIF finds these developments very disturbing. ATIF, has serious policies against drugs and crime, therefore it gives priority to the protection of children & youth from the evils of drug abuse and crime. The achievement of women equality and women rights is of paramount importance in the struggle of ATIF.

ATIF finds the increasing racism and the unemployment in Europe and particularly Germany very worrying and doing every thing within its power to eliminate the suffering and the threats of these social ills.

ATIF`s main objectives could be summerised as below:

· ATIF, is an anti-imperialist, anti-fascist and democratic mass organisation.

It fights against all racist, fascist, reactionary attacks in Germany or any where else.

· ATIF, fights to achieve equality for refugee workers in Germany. Although, the refugee workers have been living and working in Germany for a long time, still are subjected to special Laws.

· ATIF objects to this unjust situation and supports the entitlement to dual citizenship.

· ATIF, support and fights for the achievement of the social and democratic rights of workers from Turkey living a working in Germany.

ATIF believes that all those who lives in Germany should be entitled for full social welfare, employment, residency and Housing rights.

· ATIF, fights for the achievement of economic right of all those refugees living in Germany. Fights for decent wages and equal rights for refugee workers in every work place, factories, and in every employment agencies.

· ATIF, fight for the achievement of equal positions of the refugee women in the social structure and fights against all the kind discrimination which our women is subjected today.

ATIF, observes that, in this society which we live, the women is treated as an object and is used to benefited from her, women is half of the sky and should be given the position that she deserves.

· ATIF, fights for a clean environment, is against the environmental pollution and against exploitation of the environment. The capital has done every thing to harm the humanity and the environment for its own benefits. The clean environment is the guarantee of our children’s future the environmental pollution should stop.

· ATIF, fights against drug addiction and tries to keep our youth away from it. ATIF`s aim is to rehabilitate of those children and youth fallen victims by drug addiction.

ATIF believes that, the current political system, do not give anything to our youth and children in country pushes them into a psychological depression and lindens intentionally allows them to take drugs and abandons them to their fatal fate. We should fight to save our children and give them the opportunity to take their real places within our society.

Working Together:
Any organisation who accepts to adhere the constitution and the programme of ATIF, could apply for membership. ATIF, encourages collaboration with other democratic organisations on the basis of equality, mutual trust and mutual respect.