Federation of Workers from Turkey in Holland

Although HTIF began its activities in 1983 it was officially established in 1984. It held its first congress around these dates. HTIF has been pronouncing that it is a part of ATIK since it’s beginning. HTIF runs its activities in three community centers in accord with the line of ATIK’s mass organizations in Holland. HTIF has gained an important position in the struggle for democratic, economic and cultural rights for people in Holland. It has played an important role in organizing people to take a position towards the issues that they are faced with, in publicizing the importance of economic and democratic struggle and in advancing the struggle for democracy. HTIF, as an organization that cultivates sentiments within itself and promotes it among the public constantly, selects its management committee democratically in regularly held annual congress. Thus it proves the importance of democracy with its action.

HTIF, in order to develop and lead the mass struggle, has had many successful organized activities through the use of social and cultural means. Sport and cultural activities such as folk dancing, music, theatre etc. have always been on the activity list of the community centers.

HTIF continuously follows the developments in the world and upholds political policies to expose imperialist policies. It has taken its position on anti-imperialist and anti-fascist front by developing various struggles against imperialism and fascism. Using various means of struggle, it has carried out significant campaigns against racism that is especially promoted by European Imperialists. During the Gulf war and crisis that was led by US imperialism, HTIF exposed the expansionist face of imperialism. Thus HTIF has taken significant positions against unjust wars. As well as organizing the masses through seminars, pickets and panels, it also mobilized masses to participate in street protests.

HTIF put the issue of illegal workers in Holland on its agenda in 1993. HTIF later on managed to get the support of public opinion on this matter through organizing acknowledgement meetings, seminars and panels about illegal workers in Holland. It successfully completed the campaign and managed to put this issue on public agenda in 1993. Later years HTIF organized a huge demonstration about this issue and managed to organize illegal workers to participate and fight for this matter to be solved. The Dutch government realized the seriousness of the threat coming from public and took important step to solve the problem. Following this there was a hunger strike organized with the initiative of HTIF. 100s of workers participated in this hunger strike which was also supported by many other democratic institutions and churches. Consequently the government had to pass a law that gave illegal workers the status and right to work.

HTIF was not at all silent against the developments in Turkey. It has always been in solidarity on the democratic front for the development of revolutionary social and national struggle in Turkey. It has not stayed silent against torture, massacres, disappearances under detentions, issues in the prisons, street executions ext. It has played a leading role to bring immigrants from Turkey to be sensitive and take a stand and fight against fascism and creating a public opinion in Europe.

HTIF is continuing to carry out its activities in Holland as an important mass organization and institution. It has three community centers and two committees under its control.

1 – TIOD (The association of Workers and Students from Turkey) that runs its activities in Den-Haag

2 – ATID (The association of Workers from Turkey in Arnhem)

3 – Rotterdam Comittee 

4 – Eindhoven Comittee

HTIF has also a youth and women’s committee through which it pays special attention towards the issues related to women and the youth and is organizing youth and women to be more conscious and active.