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The democratic right to organize of Kurdish people is legitimate, it cannot be prevented!

The attacks on the democratic organizations of Kurdish people living in Germany are increasinglu continuing. The Federal Interior Ministory recently has issued a circular to prevent the democratic rights of Kurdish people for organizing demonstrations and meetings; reading books and listening to music by Kurds is also under threath.

Hundreds of books and music albums were confiscated on March 8th, the day of struggle and solidarity for freedoms and rights of working women around the World, by the instructions of the German Federal Ministry, the Mezopotamya Publishing House and MIR Multimedia centres in Neus were raided. It is not a coincidence that this operation took place straight after the meeting of the foreign ministers of Germany and Turkey on 6ht March. On the contrary it is an indication of the raectionary cooperation between the Turkish and the German states. Because immediately after the negotiations of the foreing ministers of both countries, focused attacks take place on the democratic organizations in Germany.

The successul work of the democratic mass organization, taking to the streets to create public oppinion in Germany, following the occupation of Afrin by the fascist Turkish state is clearly disturbing to the German capital. The German stae, which was selling alls sorts o weapons to the Turkish state until the day the Afrin occupation sarted is directly responsible fort he massacre. The fasisct Turksih state, received it’s orders for the Afrin occupation through the meeetings it had with Russia, US, France and Germany prior to the occupation. For his, imperialists immediately supported this occupation, and stand by their puppet state Turkey. Therefore they are directly responsible for the occupation and massacress in Afrin.

The German state is expanding its attacks on democratic institutions and organizations in order to suppress the public opinion that was raised after the emergence of its involvement and responsibility in the occupation. The result of this is that hundreds of people have been arrested and the majority of them have been arrested and sentenced for years. It this the product of this understanding that the members and leaders of NAVDEM, ATIK and the Anadolu Federation are taken into custody and arrested and that the most democratic right of demonstration and gathering is probhibited, that the police attacks and detains the people even on demonstrations with permits.

As ATIK; We oncemore condemn the respressive stance of the German state agains the democratic organizing rights of foremost Kurdish people. As the fascist Turksish state prohibited, burned remaining books, music and newspapers from the 1980 coupe d’etats of 12th September, now the it’s been done in Germany. We consider the raid at the Mezopotamya Publishing House and the MIR Multimedia, where books and music albums were confiscated, as support to the Afrin occupation, which we highly condemn. The struggle waged by democratic progressive organizations in Germany against the Afrin occupation of the fascist Turkish state, is a legitimate struggle and cannot be prevented. Civilians are being massacred every day in Efrin with the weapons of the German state. We cannot be by-standers to this, we must grow the solidarity and struggle.

Repression and prohibitions will not prevent our legitimate Struggle!

The action and right to organize of the Kurdish people is legitimate, it cannot be prohibitted!

Long live the fraternity of the peoples!

Mezopotamya Publishing House and Mir Music are not alonte!