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Freedom for Ismail Yilmaz and all prisoners with medical conditions!

Freedom for Ismail Yilmaz and all prisoners with medical conditions!

Turkey has become an open prison as such no difference between prisons and outside. Another case has been added to prisoners with health conditions. Recently, the AKP-MHP alliance passed an amnesty in which nearly 100 thousand murderers and mafia members were released from prison. However, they played the 3 monkeys when the public call was made to release prisoners with health conditions. And the history of fascism has been repeated once again. No opposition prisoners who were on the verge of death released. When it comes to revolutionary prisoners, fascism is quick to step in.

Ismail Yilmaz Shall not be left for dead!

66-year-old male prisoner Ismail Yilmaz, currently in Kandira F-type prison is wanted to be left for dead by fascism. He has been in prison for 16 years now. Enemy law is applied against Yilmaz, who is punished with aggravated life sentence because of his political thoughts.

Ismail Yilmaz suffered a cerebral haemorrhage on 28th of April and was taken to hospital and was operated on the next day fitted with a drainage tube on his head. Ismail has the following, mostly chronic, medical conditions; heart condition, prostate, hypertension, visual impairment and numbing on his right arm.

İsmail Yılmaz was taken out of the hospital before his treatment was completed despite the severe surgery he had undergone and was taken back to prison. Keeping İsmail Yılmaz in prison, who is unable to take care of himself and cannot meet his needs, is against international human rights conventions and is torture.

According to the report from the ministry of justice, 2300 prisoners have lost their lives in the last 13 years. As of now 620 prisoners with health conditions 200 of them with serious medical conditions. During the pandemic, the number of sick prisoners has increased, and the life threats of many prisoners will increase unless precautions are taken.

Prisoners with medical conditions shall be released!

Between the dates 21st May and 1st of June, two revolutionary prisoners with serious medical conditions have lost their lives. Sabri Kaya who was in Osmaniye T-type prison for 10 years and Vefa Kartal who was in Edirne F-type prison for the last 26 years, both with serious health condition we refused to be released, despite countless number of applications,  with the excuse “state is doing what is required”. Sabri Kaya died in intensive care on 21st May and Vefa Kartal died in prison on 1st of June.

As Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe; In order not to receive news of new deaths from the prisons, we demand that all the prisoners, especially the sick prisoner İsmail Yılmaz, be released urgently in order to receive the necessary treatment. Also, we call on international social opposition and all democratic forces to be sensitive to the issue and to voice this demand!

Freedom for Ismail Yilmaz and all prisoners with health conditions!

Freedom for All Political Prisoners!