May Day is a day of International Solidarity!

Happy May Day, day of Unity, Struggle and Solidarity of the international working class, to all workers and laborers. On May Day, when the workers expressed their demands with various actions all over the world. However, this year every space will be turned into celebratory areas due to the restriction of street actions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Every workplace, house, balcony, and street will be the celebration area of ​​May Day this year.

Workers and laborers will be most affected by the consequences of the corona virus, which affects the whole world. Especially workers and laborers, whose numbers exceed 2 billion and work under flexible working conditions, will be more affected in this process. While approximately 25 million workers are expected to join the unemployed army during the corona virus process, millions of people will have to live in poverty under the short-term working conditions, in line with the measures taken. Basically, while financial aid packages are offered to increase the profits of monopolies, the share of workers and laborers will be poverty and precarious labour.

The biggest example of the privatization policies of the capitalist system, which intensified in the last quarter of the 20th century is experienced in the health system which the human life is disregarded. While the healthcare system must focus on human life and creating safe working conditions for those working in this field, it has become the areas of labour exploitation with capitalism’s “more profit” policies. Workers and laborers in the field of health, where approximately 100 million people work of which 70% of them are women, will be the most affected in this process. This sector, where female employees are concentrated, is also the area where female labour is exploited the most and wage and opportunity inequality is experienced the most. In this sector, where the flexible and cheap workforce is concentrated, personal protection equipment is not sufficiently provided for employees who are most at risk of infection. In many countries, especially professors, doctors, nurses; healthcare professionals lost their lives due to lack of personal protection equipment.

Today, we are faced with the reality that there is a constant wave of immigration, as approximately 60 million people worldwide cannot continue living in their own countries. Millions of refugees, especially those who try to migrate to Europe, are losing their lives on migration routes…In many countries, the refugee camps are far over the capacity and thousands of refugees face the risk of corona virus due to the lack of hygiene. Despite the large number of children, elderly, pregnant women, and people at risk of disease, they are kept in the same conditions, and governments still do not take the necessary action…

Stay Action on May Day!

Due to Covid-19, in which union confederations in many countries, especially in European countries, cancel the May Day celebrations, we should turn every area of ​​life into May Day celebrations. A process in which attacks on workers and laborers will intensify is waiting for us. In order to develop the social struggle against this and in the process of the bankruptcy of the Capitalist system, we must turn every field into the celebration of May Day go inflict another blow on the system… We shall grow the struggle with all our strength to enlarge the struggle against capitalism and exploitation and to develop the international solidarity of the working class. MayDay; The day when the international working class has grown the struggle, and the organization of the working class and the working people are visible and will remain so. Despite calls for stay home, our call; STAY ACTION ON MAY DAY.

All non-essential production shall be stopped!

Workers who are exempted from work shall be paid their wages without cuts!

Create safe working environment/conditions for all employees!

Provide adequate protection equipment to healthcare professionals and make additional payments during the pandemic process!

The working hours of women who must work from home shall be reduced!

Invisible labour of women shall be made visible!

Refugee dormitories shall be closed, and all refugees shall be granted right to stay and provided safe housing!

Long live the unity, struggle, and solidarity of the working class!