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ATIK: “G20 Summit; Redivision and Plunder Summit of the Imperialists!”

The main objective of the G20 summit to be held in July 2017n in Hamburg/ Germany is first and foremost the continuation and intensification of the exploitation and oppression of all the oppressed, especially the workers and laborers, under the pretense of finding “a solution” to poverty, unemployment and environmental pollution.

The G20 Summit where plans will be made to suppress any kind of development by the innocent peoples; it will also give reason for further sharpening of the contradiction amongst the imperialists. Poverty and unemployment will not be abolished, but on the contrary this will be a summit of the monopoly capital where decisions will be made that will make poverty become more widespread and whilst massification of unemployment increases, these will make the environment uninhabitable.

This meeting held in a period when the contradictions amongst the imperialists are sharpening this will turn in to a showdown summit where the differences will become even more apparent. After the nineties, the imperialist, accelerated the neo-liberal policies at the foundation of the unlimited plundering of semi-colonial countries under the name of “Globalization”, proclaiming the end of class struggles as the “end of history”. They declared themselves as the “sole and unrivaled” leaders of this system. At this stage is clear that this declared “unrivalery” is nothing more than a farce.

Even though they are still not economic rivals to the US today, the emergence of Russia, the unprecedented rise of Chinese imperialists, and Germany’s withdrawal by the EU, which the US regards as its backyard, is an indicator that the US is no longer unrivaled in any field. Since Trump assumed the presidency of the US, it has withdrawn from several commercial agreements, explaining this with statements such as, being able to renegotiate with the US interest at mind. This rhetoric indicates that economically the US is not successful at all. The increasing economic indicators of Germany and China have seriously concerned the US imperialists, who want full dominance in the world economic market.

The situation of D. Trump, who was elected president of the United States, the UK leaving the EU, meaning Brexit, the crisis in the Gulf countries, the invasion and plunder in the Middle East, the transformation of the proxy war in Syria to a different dimension, are the products of the crisis and contradictions amongst the imperialists. These are the indications that the crisis in the imperialist-capitalist system has come to a point where the balances are shaken. The G20 summit will be a meeting where the new trends of the coming period will be shaped and the redivision of the markets will be put to the test.

The main point to note is that this summit to be held on July 7-8 will try to screen the aggressive and plundering policies of the imperialists with the discourses of measures to be taken for “peace-human rights-nature and environment”. It should be known that this meeting has no interest in or nor is it about the protection of “peace-human rights and environment”. This summit will be one where the main issue will be the division of how much which imperialist will take from the parasitical exploitation of the peoples of the world by imperialist bloodsuckers.

As ATİK; we call on all international and local democratic, progressive and revolutionary institutions, organizations, individuals and groups to participate in all the marches and demonstrations against the G20 summit in order to expose the imperialists’ crimes against mankind, to stand against the confrontational, exploitative and repressive politics.

Down with Imperialism!

No Pasaran to the G20 Imperialist Summit!